Augur Groupbuy Policy and Quality Standards

Updated 7/15/2023 for Augur R2 Groupbuy

Groupbuy Policy

The following policies apply to orders including any groupbuy product:

  • Cancellations: Orders including a groupbuy product may only be cancelled while the groupbuy is running. Groupbuy order cancellations are subject to a 5% cancellation fee.
  • Returns: Groupbuy products cannot be returned unless the product does not meet policy standards (see below). In-stock products that meet quality standards may be returned, though the refund will not be processed until the customer has shipped the product back to JLabs.

Quality Standards

The following Quality Standards are to be used when evaluating your Augur unit. We have produced many rounds of prototypes in different finishes and materials to try and maximize quality. By purchasing an Augur, you agree to the following quality standards:

  • External: Any areas that can be seen once the board is fully built (including keycaps) are considered external. An Augur unit qualifies as A stock if it does not have any external: scratches larger than 2mm, dings larger than 1mm, or anodizing blemishes larger than 1cm. Our brass parts, although PVD coated, are still susceptible to tarnish in humid environments or when exposed to skin oils.
  • Internal: Any areas covered once the board is fully built (including keycaps) are considered internal. Internal flaws, unless they affect function, do not affect the grading of the keyboard. Although we've worked with our manufacturer to make every part as flawless as possible, there is no way to avoid internal hook marks entirely. The plate is also considered internal when it comes to any flaw that does not affect function.

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